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Waste Tire Disposal can be simple and inexpensive.  Bring your tires to Waste Tire Management at 17521 Mesa St. Hesperia, CA 92345 after calling 800 75 TIRES for an appointment.  California law allows you to transport up to 9 tires without a permit.  If you know what type and size of tires you wish to dispose please see our “Printable Price List”.

Dealers that generate several waste tires on a regular basis should consider our route pickup service.  We offer a discount to our printed price list for tires that we consider to be reusable.  In order to participate in this program you  will have to demonstrate a willingness to secure the tires you generate and forbid employees from taking used tires away from your shop.  If you agree to these conditions I will remove all the tires you generate and not charge for those we consider to be reusable.  In addition I have committed to providing this service at no charge providing the number of tires we consider to have value exceeds the number of tires that lack value.  You may conclude that my only interest in the process is access to used tires suitable for repair and resale for the use originally intended by the manufacturer.  We will provide you with 100% compliance with existing California Public Resources Code by providing a signed Comprehensive Trip Log Receipt which reflects our TPID number along with our name, address and phone number and your TPID number, name address and phone number plus the quantity of tires removed by the count, weight or volume.  Providing you retain that receipt at your facility for three years you have met all legally required steps for appropriate disposal of tires no longer of use to your business.  We are permitted and bonded by the CalRecycle agency in Sacramento and must apply every year for current permitting.  You are required to verify the current status of any vendor who removes tires from your facility.

Please visit our Printable Price List and call us for a visit to your facility where I can show you tires in your own waste pile that qualify for free removal.

Wheels Etc.


Waste Tire Management


17521 Mesa Street
: Hesperia, CA 92345




Fax: 760-949-1000

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